Red Carpet Nails

Lash Extension

Full Sets

First Full Set - $140 - Includes a set of synthetic lashes, brow wax and shaping, and a collagen eye mask.

Mink First Full Set - $175 - Includes a set of Mink Lashes, brow wax and shaping, and a collagen eye mask.  Mink Lashes are gathered by brushing the mink, then sterilized, and is cruelty free. They are chosen for their luster and super lightweight feel, and the results are amazing.  It is recommended for those who have very thin natural eyelashes that have trouble supporting the weight of synthetic lashes.  These lashes are perfect if you want an extremely natural look, with some added length and thickness. 


Special Occasion Party/Fans Lashes - $55 - Add some length and curl to your natural lash line with party lash extensions. This service is a lighter way to wear lash extensions without the maintenance commitment.   Although this service will not be a full extension, you will see a remarkable difference from your natural look. 

Fills & Upkeep

Most clients come back every 3.5 to 4 weeks for a fill.  We prefer and recommend our client’s first fill to be within the next 14 days.  In just one week, you can lose 25% of your extensions and sprout up to 50 new natural lashes.  This approach allows us to address grown-out lashes, add more volume, and move toward design changes as desired by the client.



First Fill/Maintenance within 14 days - FREE*

First Fill/Maintenance within 14 days - $45*

Fill/Maintenance within 3+ weeks - $45*

Fill/Maintenance within 3+ weeks - $60*

Fill/Maintenance over 4+ weeks - $60+*

Fill/Maintenance over 4+ weeks - $75+*

*To qualify for the maintenance and re-application prices, the original extensions must have been applied at Red Carpet Nails.

First Fill/Maintenance services for eyelash extensions applied by other salons - $65


***For Better Preparation.  All Facial Services are by Appointment Only***

The Tourist
 (Refresh Facial)
 - $40 – 30 minutes – This service includes steam to soften your face, a gentle cleansing, exfoliate, and follow by a facial massage, toner & lotion. 

Y Yoga! (Stress Relief) - $50 – 40 minutes - A great way to end your stressful week! It includes a gentle skin cleansing, toning and moisturizing. It also includes a face, neck, shoulder, and hands massage.

Sexy Back! (Back Facial) - $70 – 60 minutes - This awesome back facial includes a deep pore cleansing, back steam, extractions, gentle exfoliation, toning, and moisturizing. It also includes and a neck, shoulder, back, hands and arm massage.

Face Off (Rejuvenate) - $85 – 80 minutes - The throat and decollete are often the first areas of the body to show signs of aging because the skin is very thin and sensitive. This process cleanses and exfoliates, mask and moisturize the skin on the throat and decollete for a silky & smooth appearance.  This service includes steam, cleanse, exfoliate, extraction, massage, mask, hand massage while masking, toner & lotion on face and decollete.   

Add on

Mineral-Rich Clarifying Mud Mask $20.  Mineral-Rich Clarifying Mud Mask is based on an advanced formula composed of Dead Sea mineral mud that gently purifies and clean clogged pores.  Combined with an herbal complex of Aloe Vera, Chamomoile Extract, Vitamin A, Sunflower Seed, and Jojoba Oils.  

M4 - Mineral-Rich Mud Mask for $30.  This revolutionary Mineral-rich Magnetic Mud Mask revives your skin through the power of 
Bio-magnetism. As you run the magnet over your face, the iron powder in the mask is magnetized, creating 
micro-electric currents that gently relax your skin. At the same time, Dead Sea Minerals, Essential Oils, and Vitamins PRO B5 & E moisturize, nurture, and rejuvenate. The result: smoother, more radiant, healthier and younger-looking skin.

Re-Cover Day Masque for $40.  Recover your skin's youthful beauty with the Recover Day Masque.